Special Events

Turner, a Prattville native who starred at Alabama and in the NFL for eight years, loaned his name to the tournament after participating in sports at the YMCA in his early years and attended the event on an annual basis before his battle with chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, led to his untimely passing in March 2016.  He made a brief appearance at the 2015 tournament with guest host Gary Hollingsworth, a former Alabama quarterback and teammate of Turner.  After Turner’s death, the Turner family was honored as the second guest host.  Former Tide tailback Siran Stacy was the guest host in 2017, Antonio Langham and Andrew Zoe served as co-hosts in 2018, Sherman Williams served as host in 2019, Martin Houston in 2020, and Roger Shultz in 2021.  In 2021 over 270 people participated in the tournament making it one of the largest in the River Region.

The proceeds from the tournament help fund the Coach A Child Scholarship Fund Campaign which provides financial aid to make YMCA services available to all persons regardless of their inability to pay.  The golf tournament is in its seventh year at RTJ Capitol Hill after spending the first 18 years at the Prattville Country Club.

We would love to have you represented in this tournament.  Individuals or businesses wishing to serve as sponsors of the tournament or to sign up your team to participate in the tournament can contact Keith Cantrell at (334)358-9622 or email him at kcantrell@prattvilleymca.org.