About Us

In 1963 a group of Prattville citizens got together and planned to start a YMCA in Prattville. They asked the Montgomery YMCA and William Chandler (CEO) for help and guidance. A board was soon formed and met with many groups to talk about this new idea.

Ray Marshall, president of the Citizens Bank, was elected chairman of the board and soon people were promoting YMCA membership for $20.00 a year for a family membership. A budget of $15,000 was approved. Willis Bradford a YMCA program director from the Atlanta YMCA was hired as its first executive director, a position he held until October 31, 2012. He and the board began the exciting and rewarding trip of putting life into a dream.

Humble Beginnings

Many thought Prattville too small to sustain a YMCA, but they were proved wrong. The Prattville YMCA began its operation in the old community center/library building in downtown Pratt Park with only two offices and some used equipment.

There were no facilities, but programs were offered all over town, anywhere some space or a building could be used. Basketball was practiced on outdoor courts, football and cheerleading were on school playgrounds, and swimming lessons were held in the old city pool that had no filtration system, and filled by an artesian well. Adult classes were held in banks, homes, and schools.

The First Facility

In 1965 Mrs. Louise M. Smith, through two of her children Diane S. Wendland and Don M. Smith, approached the YMCA board with an offer to help financially with the building of a YMCA facility in Prattville. An offer of $150,000 was used as matching funds. Over $365,000 was raised and the first YMCA facility was constructed on a 10 acre site.

The first Board of Managers of the Prattville YMCA was: G.Ray Marshall, J. Harvey Clark, Oudia Lawrence, Rev. John Neville, Ed Gray, Lib Walthall, T.O. McDowell, Dorsey Wingard, Horace Powell, Mona Till, James Crosby, John Hargis, B.V. Ray, Jerry Sims, Paul Cox, Jim Striplin, Dr. Mag Northington, Dr. Fred Stanley, A.K. Buddy Cooper, and Ed Riddle.

In 1969, a second pool was added and in 1972 the Rotary Amphitheater was a new addition. Tennis courts were added in 1974 and a gymnastics gym was constructed in 1976. In 1979, 19 acres of land was donated to the YMCA located on McQueen Smith Road, this would some 21 years later be the location of the new Willis Bradford Branch. In 1983 the YMCA received a gift of 32 acres adjacent to the main building. In 1985 a fitness center was started in the shopping center mall in front of the main building. After the success of the fitness center a capital campaign was completed to construct a new building to house the Fitness Branch and Childcare building along with a major renovation of the Don M. Smith building (main Y).  During the next several years athletic fields were constructed, expansion of the Fitness Branch, and a pavilion built at the east site. In 1998 one pool at the Don M. Smith Branch was covered for year round swimming and plans were finalized for a full facility branch at Prattville East. In June 2000 that new facility was completed and opened with two pools, two gymnasiums, an indoor play room, cardiovascular exercise area, and a licensed preschool with four classrooms.


Today the Prattville YMCA is still meeting the needs of the community. The Y now has 9 professional staff, 31 full-time employees, and over 300 part-time employees and we are just beginning.

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Prattville YMCA Staff

David Lewis   General Director
Keith Cantrell   Assistant General Director/Development
Jennifer P Barrett   Human Resource Director
Sherry Moore   Finance Director
Kathy Asbury   Membership Coordinator
Jessica Sedgwick   Gymnastics Director/Branding Advocate
David Creamer   Aquatics Director
Miles Powell   Aquatics Coordinator
Anna Stockman   Senior Gymnastics Coordinator
Martie Brown   Swim Team Coordinator
Kylee Green   Gymnastics Team Coordinator
Melody Colvert   Members Services Supervisor
Jon Grooms   Fitness Branch Executive
Laurinda Hammer-Krohmer   Wellness Coordinator
James Gaymon   YMCA Chaplain
Leela Bert   Member Services Supervisor
Justin Chappell   Sports Director
June Dorough   Senior Ability Coordinator
Bailey Fulford   Member Services Supervisor
Sandra Hanna   Preschool Director
Patrick Wunschel   Childcare Director
Kerry Jones   Senior Childcare Administrator

Board of Managers

Wade Seamon     Chairman
Karla Boles     Vice-Chairman
Clay McConnell     Secretary/Treasurer


Eric Alford Louise Jennings-McCullar
Anthony Brock Kristi Johnson
Matt Burns Spencer Knight
Jim Byard, Jr. Mike Lamar
Janice Clark Emily Lobenstein
Brett Crawford Tony McCullough
Annette Funderburk Eric Morgan
Josh Gamble Onya Myhand
Bill Gillespie, Jr. Danna Patterson
Bob Gipson Gray Penton
Randy Grissett Trey Rogers
Kasey Hope Jerry Starnes
Donna Jackson Patty VanderWal
Marcus Jackson Duwan Walker

Board of Trustees

Harvey Clark     President
Roscoe Williams     Vice President
Ted Taylor     Secretary
Frank Lamar     Treasurer


Robby Anderson     Joe Mathis David Smith
Mike Lamar     David McDowell
David Lewis     Ed Mullins

Milton Wendland, Trustee Emeritus

Willis Bradford, In Memory

Life Board Members

Robby Anderson Frank Lamar David Smith
Dean Argo Joe Mathis Robert Stacy
Johnny Brownell Roy McAuley Albert Striplin
J.N. “Buddy” Buckner David McDowell Ted Taylor
Harvey Clark Tom Miller Alfred Wadsworth
Edward Clinton Algie Morgan Richard Williams
Louis Colley Ed Mullins Roscoe Williams
Barbara Dennis Tom Newton
Martha Ellis Cindy Oliver
Steve Golsan